May 06, 2010


Take a look on "Google Appengine for Python"

Welcome to Google App Engine for Python!
You can develop your Google App Engine application for either of two application environments:


But here,I am going with Python

* a fast Python 2.5 interpreter in a secure sandbox environment
* includes the complete Python standard library
* compiled application code is cached for rapid responses to web requests
* supports popular web application frameworks, including Django
* works with any application that supports CGI or WSGI
* includes a rich data modeling API for the datastore

With App Engine, you can build web applications using the Python programming language, and take advantage of the many libraries, tools and frameworks for Python that professional developers use to build world-class web applications. Your Python application runs on Google's scalable infrastructure, and uses large-scale persistent storage and services.

if u haven't, see,see the Python Getting Started Guide for an interactive introduction to developing web applications with Python and Google App Engine.

* The Datastore and Services
Apps can use the App Engine Datastore for reliable, scalable persistent storage of data. The Python API to the App Engine datastore includes rich data modeling tools for managing data schemas.The API supports two interfaces for performing datastore queries, including GQL, a SQL-like query language that is also used in the Admin Console.

* Scheduled Tasks

An application can configure scheduled tasks that will call URLs of the application at specified intervals.

* Python Tools

The App Engine Python SDK includes tools for testing your application, uploading your application files, managing datastore indexes, downloading log data, and uploading large amounts of data to the datastore

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