September 08, 2011


How to add django-color-schemes in KomodoEditor ?

I'm using komodo6.1 with dark colour scheme for my django-python coding,I've tried to make many different schemes manually but all no-one can excites me to use then i googled about "django-python colour theme for Komodo Edit".

I came across the  "" site and I like DjangoInspire theme on KolorModo. I love the color combination and the background because it looks like django's theme.This Site has lots of colour schemes are available.

I downloaded the "djangoinspire.ksf" file,this themes looks like below,

To install it on your Komodo Edit,

1. Download the file from "KolorModo/djangospire"
2. Save the djangoinspire.ksf file.
3. Copy the file to Komodo’s application data folder for you account.
For Windows XP >
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\ActiveState\KomodoEdit\\schemes
4. For Linux >
5. Start Komodo Edit.
6. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Fonts and Colors then select a scheme from the dropdown menu
7. Enjoy.

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