November 20, 2014


Signature Spider at National Park.

I found this spider at Borivali National Park. When I clicked the pic I never knew that this is the signature spider, on of my friend told me about this so I googled it and here is the information. For me it's a WEB DEVELOPER who don't forget to mention copyrights on his web-site. :) These spiders make certain zig-zag pattern on web therefore also known as writer or signature spider.This spider weaves four zig zag stripes in its web, and holds its legs together in pairs. It holds its legs in pairs to disguise itself as a four legged creature; it does this to not appear to look like a spider. These spiders have many names around the world, they are known as an Argiope, a Black and Yellow Garden Spider or a Writing Spider in North America. It is known as Wasp Spider in Germany and the rest of Europe and the St Andrews Cross spider in Austrailia. They know it as KOGANE-GUMO in Japan and east asia. There are 75 different species of this spider but they all look the same. Their colours vary in between their stripes but they all keep the black and yellow stripes, They distribute also Sri Lanka, Maldives,India, Pakistan.Their habitats are Moist Deciduous forests in the sunny parts.

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